Proper Goodbye to Faded Old Glory

Saturday, February 25th brought an unexpected and moving experience. We were in Willis, Texas to cook with the Sam Houston Chapter of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society.
Next door was the American Legion Post and Auxiliary #618 where we learned that a special ceremony was going to be held to honorably retire 300 old or worn American Flags.

The Post has been receiving these flags over the past year and traditionally burns them on Flag Day, June 14th, but was unable to hold the ceremony last summer due to the record-breaking drought and burn ban. Thanks to winter rains the burn ban has been lifted and the Post was able to conduct today’s ceremony. After an opening ceremony with a prayer from the Post Chaplain, playing of taps, and a 21 gun salute, the commander gave the order to honorably destroy these flags by fire. A group of veterans carried out their solemn duty in a calm and deliberate pace, one after another, for nearly 45 minutes.
The second to last photo is for Sweet Shot Tuesday, a great place to learn about and be inspired to excellence in photography and blogging.

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Proud of My Soldier

My son is an Infantry Officer who served for a year in Afghanistan. He sent us this photo taken when the highest ranking general came to his forward outpost for a visit. I am so proud of him and so grateful that he and his unit returned safely despite the deadly circumstances. I love how the American flag is positioned in this photo, telling an important story along with the faces of the brave soldiers who serve our country.

This is my contribution to Sweet Shot Tuesday. Hope you join in and get inspired like I have!

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Cabin Fever – NOT!

The theme for this week’s P52 is cabin fever. Well, we don’t have a problem with cabin fever in Texas, thanks to our mild winter weather. Sometimes we can have some cold snaps that keep us indoors for a short peroid of time but in generaly, nothing that leads to cabin fever.

This photograph was taken after a 9.3 mile canoe trip down the Brazos River, just below the Lake Whitney dam. The Southwest Paddler‘s website has a lot of great information about the river, what to expect, best time of the year to go, and much more! We were exhausted but joyful as we waited for our group to come straggling in. We thought a good shot of our feet would capture the joy and sense of achievement at the end of our trip. I have loads of great memories from this trip and a new perspective on cabin fever!

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Valentines Day 2012

For Sweet Shot Tuesday, which is also Valentines Day, I put together these love-gifts from my amazing better-half. The shot doesn’t include the home-made dinner of garlic shrimp, scallops with “Slap Your Mama” hot spice, and steamed asparagus because I was so hungry we ate dinner before it occured to me to take photographs! Drats!

Oh, and my better-half gave me two cards because he couldn’t make up his mind. After reading the cards, I agreed! I love that guy from here until tomorrow!

Card #1 (in no particular order): (Outside) Time flies when you’re having fun! (Inside) But I never knew just how quicklly until I married you. I guess that’s what happens when your wife is your best friend. Happy Valentine’s Day. He signed, “I love you sweetie!”

Card #2: (Outside) Cover photo of two sweet puppies, snugglin. To my sweet wife, I’ve got you and you’ve got me… (Inside) I win! Happy Valentine’s Day with Love and he signed x0x0x0x0 Lots of love and Kisses.

I melted on so many delicious levels. I realize he does this every day, not JUST Valentine’s Day. I am so blessed!

Happy Day of Love!!

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My Cup Overflows

I have been inspired by the photos posted to project 52 and have had fun with each week’s theme. This week, the theme is Drink Up! Lots of folks have posted photos of their favorite beverage and beverage containers, which is fun. I decided not to post a photo of my one cup of coffee in the morning nor the can of V8 or cans of Fresca that I enjoy in the afternoon. Boring. So, for several days, I have struggled with what to shoot. Today, I ran across one of my favorite bird feeders and I knew exactly what my contribution would be this week!

It is a simple idea that I just love! The cup has three holes in the bottom where the seed is held and falls out into the saucer, an inch below the bottom. The clean blue lines on the cup and saucer draw the eye around the feeder. I hope to shoot a bird enjoying a meal at this feeder. If so, my cup will overflow with delight!

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Words of Love

I had fun trying a new way to photograph my better-half and really like the results. This also is the first time I’ve posted a photograph that I developed (not SOOC) after learning how to use Lightroom. I learned how to develop the image to make it sharper and to draw attention to the “story” of the photograph using the post-crop vignette. The idea to use a clothes pin with a message on it in the foreground with the subject out of focus in the background came from Pintrest under Everything Photograph and am so glad I did.

Sweet Shot Tuesday continues to be an inspiration!  I hope you join in the fun!

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Swinging in the Sunshine

For Project 52, week 3, the theme is I dreamed a dream to honor Martin Luther King. I choose this photo of my sweet grandchild, having a blast in her swing with the sun shining through her hair. I dream that she grows into a woman of faith, who courageously follows God’s plan and makes a difference in our world. I love how her mom and dad are raising her and am ready to do what ever is necessary for her dreams to come true.

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